Petal Journal

Amy LeBlanc


My legs tremor ravens in my toes
off the side of the bed
wet envelopes, the waves in shakes
she pulls socks
on my feet
with four year
old saliva.

I understand I’m not wearing any underwear
and that
the greatest disease on this earth wanted to be an artist
and that
there are days when I miss therapy.

I try to say the radio
was hidden
in the rabbit hutch
twenty times fast before
the newscast about coffee beans
ends, but my tongue
drops to my toes.

Amy LeBlanc is in her final year of an honours BA in English Literature and creative writing at the University of Calgary where she is Editor-in-Chief of NōD Magazine and co-coordinator of the SU Campus Food Bank. Her work has appeared in magazines such as (Parenthetical) and NōD Magazine, and she received second place in the 2016 Blodwyn Memorial Prize for fiction. She hopes to pursue a career in fiction and poetry, and has recently completed her first novella.