Petal Journal

Brooke Manning

To be silent and alone with you

looking at and into

long lapses in time when our voices may carry

the quiet heaven of our individual


We speak to the affect of ablating it

We heal within its silence

We sit quietly within the softened wash of night

Transfixed beneath the motion of this night’s own

evaporating shadow

A quiet reminder

                we need never fear our very own

06/15, from of silence

If not for the rain

it would be hard to imagine

the fact of that


If not for

the curve in this





a fork

a gentle pressure of

drops             leaving


If not for

the words we call




it would be hard to imagine

this  face

once  stranger

05/15, from of silence


Brooke Manning is a musician (working under the moniker LOOM), poet, photographer, and owner of shop in Toronto called Likely General. She studied literature and Art History at Queen’s University before transferring to OCAD where she completed her degree. Her articles, interviews, photography and poetry have been published in notable journals including the Queen’s Literary Review, Southern Souls, HIS/HER, Lighthouse Press, and The 4 Poets. She is the current manager of media relations and distribution for The 4 Poets journal.