Petal Journal

Kiera Obbard


i remember a time
when you would drink throughout the hours

one two three four o’clock

you’d stop to eat the dinner that i had made
at fifteen—
fajitas were a common occurrence

five o’clock

you’d scarf down whatever i
lay in front of you
     tell me not to
give you any more


six o’clock

     you’d tell me to
give you

               more wine

seven o’clock

               more wine

eight o’clock

you’d be crying in the
     corner     again     asking me
why i had
broken my

nine o’clock

vomit in the sink

nine fifteen

vomit in the toilet

nine thirty
vomit in your hair
lying on top of the
yellowed pillow
tears streaking down
     your face
          and     mine

hiding it from
     my younger


nine thirty-five

you’d pass out

nine forty-five

i’d do my homework, wash the dishes, put my brother to bed

ten forty-five

i’d go to bed

eleven twelve one two three four five o’clock

          a break from reality; the sweetest dreams

five forty-five. i know it’s coming

five fifty-five. i’m wide awake

six o’clock

a retching noise      dry heaving      soft sobs

yellow vomit in the sink

Kiera Obbard completed an MA in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory at McMaster University in 2013. Kiera is the founder of the Broken Narratives Project and is pursuing a career in editing and communication in Waterloo, Ontario.